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Frequently Asked Questions

The battery of my Healy dies before reaching 0%. What can I do?

Healy’s battery needs a few full charging cycles after its first use until the charge indicator is calibrated and the correct percentage of the charge is showing. For those devices that are still within their first charging cycles, i.e. shortly after purchase or after a hardware reset, the charge indicator is not yet calibrated.

To calibrate the charge indicator, proceed as follows:

• Connect your Healy with the USB to micro-USB cable to a smartphone charger

• While Healy is charging, press the on/ off button briefly once. Now the right hand LED light should be glowing permanently and flicker periodically.

• Charge your Healy until the right LED light turns off

• Now use your Healy until the battery is completely empty and recharge it again until the right LED light turns off

Now the battery should last for about 3-7 full program runs, depending on which program is being used, due to the differences in their duration and intensity.

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