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Redressal Policy



The Grievance Redressal Policy, as advised by Healy World Trading India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “HEALY WORLD”), has been formulated to address queries, dissatisfaction, complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanisms and to ensure prompt redressal of queries, complaints and grievances. HEALY WORLD endeavours to provide excellent services and products. In the event that you, as a Consumer and/or Independent Healy World Member, face any issue, concern or grievance or want to share your valuable feedback or appraisal, this policy document aims to guide you through the various redressal processes and the review mechanism thereon to ensure prompt redress of queries, complaints and grievances.

HEALY WORLD’s Grievance Redressal Policy focuses on enhancing Consumer satisfaction by collecting feedback from Consumers across all business units. Action plans are subsequently put in place to address key issues which are assigned to the relevant senior leaders to action.


  1. “Consumer” shall have the same meaning as provided under Consumer Protection Act, 2019.
  2. “IHWM” refers to the Independent Healy World Member who has entered into the IHWM Contract and is working as an independen Direct Seller for HEALY WORLD.
  3. “Grievance” or “Complaint” includes any communication that expresses dissatisfaction, in terms of conduct, or any act of omission or commission of offence or deficiency of service and which seeks a remedial action but does not include the following—
  • complaints that are incomplete or not specific in nature;
  • communications that are offering suggestions or recommendations;
  • communications seeking guidance or explanation;
  1. “Working Hours” shall refer to the time period during which the offices of HEALY WORLD are operational and employees are available for discharge of their official duties in accordance with the applicable laws. The usual working hours shall be from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm, including a break for lunch.


The objective of the policy is to:

  1. Ensure visibility and accessibility of complaint handling procedures.
  2. Provide access to a grievance redressal policy.
  3. Handle complaints professionally and with transparency.
  4. Ensure confidentiality of complainant’s information unless required for addressing the complaint itself.
  5. Ensure that all IHWMs and Consumers are treated fairly and without bias.
  6. Ensure that all issues raised by IHWMs and Consumers are dealt with in a courteous manner and resolved on a timely basis.
  7. Ensure that IHWMs and Consumers are completely informed of their rights. If they are not fully satisfied with HEALY WORLD’s response or resolution to their complaint as provided by law, they can opt for other resolutions made available by HEALY WORLD.

HEALY WORLD takes pride to address all complaints and concerns brought to their attention by IHWMs and Consumers and also acknowledge the importance to understand, classify and differentiate complaints from queries. HEALY WORLD takes feedback to evolve according to the needs of anyone associated with HEALY WORLD.

Registered Office Address:

Level 2, Elegance Tower, Old Mathura Road Jasola, New Delhi- 110025, IN.

Corporate Office Address:

New No 51 Old No 14, Richmond Road, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560025.


Any member of the Public (“You”), whether associated with HEALY WORLD or not, can get in touch with the company in relation to any product or services provided by HEALY WORLD. Please feel free to get in touch as follows with feedback, clarifications, queries and complaints:

  1. In Person: You can contact us in person during working hours either, at our Registered Office or Corporate Office.
  2. In writing via post or courier: Please address the said consignment to our Registered Office Address. In your letter, please include date of purchase, details of the IHWM from whom the purchase was made, a copy of the purchase invoice and any other relevant details.
  3. Via Email: Please write to us on  by giving full details about the nature of your issue or grievance including date of purchase, IHWM from whom the purchase has been made, a copy of the purchase invoice and any other relevant details.
  4. Via HEALY WORLD’s Website: You may raise your concern through our website, which is available at: and thereafter, by clicking on the ‘Register Complaints’ tab which will automatically redirect your to a “Form for submission of an online complaint”.
  5. Calling our Customer Service Number: You can simply make a call to our Customer Service Team on (+91-9324674852) and share your feedback or raise your concern and/or issues with respect to HEALY WORLD.

Grievance Committee:

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Email ID
1. Mr. Sushant Sharma Head of Operations
2. Mr. Bimla Panda Operations Manager
3. Mr. Devang Vanjara Grievance Office



  1. Complainants will be provided with a Unique Reference Number (URN) upon contact through any of the methods as described above and can quote the URN for ascertaining the status of the communication in question. All communications will be registered in the Consumer Grievance Register (“the Register”). The Register shall include full details of the complainant (name, address and contact details), date of receipt, description of the complaint, category of complaint etc. as required to identify and resolve the matter as per all legal obligations.
  2. The URN can be utilised by the complainant to know the status and stage of resolution. The URN should be referenced by the complainant in all  communications being made with regards to the same issue in order for the company to be able to provide faster and more accurate resolutions.
  3. Complaints which are capable of being handled by the Consumer Care Executives shall be dealt with according to the policies of HEALY WORLD including HEALY WORLD’s Return & Exchange Policy. Any communication or complaint can be escalated at any time, to the Grievance Redressal Committee established by HEALY WORLD (“the Committee”), either by the Consumer Care Executive or the complainant.
  4. The Committee will meet within 7 working days of the receipt of the complaint to review the grievance of the complainant. If upon review it is felt that more documents or clarifications are needed, a written request will be sent to the complainant asking for such details to be provided within 7 working days from the date of such request or within the additional time asked for by the complainant.
  5. The Committee reserves the right to close the case in the event that no further clarification or documents are provided to the Committee within the specified timeline. The complainant will be informed of the same accordingly.
  6. Upon receipt of the information and supporting documents from the Complainant, if any, and its subsequent review, HEALY WORLD will investigate the complaint. If required, Healy will seek an explanation from any person mentioned in the complaint or familiar with the allegations. Post review and personal hearing (if deemed necessary), the Committee will give its findings which shall be final and binding.
  7. The Committee can also seek any other information or document from HEALY WORLD or any other person, that it may deem necessary to resolve the complaint.
  8. The Committee will not normally provide a personal hearing and will be guided by the documents or information made available in writing. However, if it deems necessary in the interest of justice and for the suitable resolution of the complaint, it may decide to grant a hearing to the complainant and/or the person against who the complaint has been made either in person or by telephone.
  9. Upon perusal of the documents and/or after hearing the parties, the Committee will present its findings. If it is found that the money paid by the Consumer ought to be refunded, or the complainant has genuinely suffered harm, it will order the Company or the IHWM to refund the paid amount or compensate the Consumer for such harm. However, if it comes to the conclusion that the complaint has no merit, the Committee will dismiss the complaint and inform the complainant accordingly.
  10. All the proceedings of the Committee will be duly recorded in writing and will be available to any regulatory authority for inspection.


The Committee will endeavour to resolve every complaint, answer every query or clarify any doubts within 45 working days of the receipt of the same, except in cases of “force majeure” (beyond HEALY WORLD’s control). The Committee also has the discretion to extend the time frame in the event that the complainant submitted a written request for an extension in order to provide further documents/details.  In order to do so, it would need the full support and co-operation from the complainant in terms of timely submission of information, clarification or documents of any kind to substantiate the complaint to enable suitable action to resolve the complaint satisfactorily. In case of delay in the redressal, explanatory reasons shall be sent in writing to the complainant.


The decision taken by the Committee is final and binding, unless appealed by the complainant within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of resolution of the said complaint. The Appellate authority so made by HEALY WORLD shall be constituted on case-on-case basis. Not all appealed resolutions will be investigated if deemed by HEALY WORLD that the original resolution was satisfactory. In all other cases, the Appellate Committee shall be constituted to review and investigate the matter under the sign of two Directors of HEALY WORLD. An appeal can be raised by sending an e-mail on Admission or non-admission shall be communicated to the person concerned, with or without assigning any reason. The admission of one appeal shall not be a precedent for the same or a similar appeal. HEALY WORLD reserves the right to take any decision including the reversal of the resolution proposed in an appeal.


A periodic dashboard of Consumer complaints and grievances will be presented by the Committee at meetings, showing therein the total number of grievances received, grievances resolved, categorization of grievances and steps by way of process refinement taken up to mitigate grievances.


HEALY WORLD shall review the policy when deemed necessary but at least once annually.

Healy World Trading India Pvt Ltd

Registered Address:
Level 2, Elegance Tower
Old Mathura Road Jasola
New Delhi- 110025, IN

+91 9606479045 / 46 / 47


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